Based on the beautiful south coast of Sussex, I work in graphic design, visual identity, logo and brand creation. With a wealth of experience gained in the music and publishing industry, I have created iconic work for a variety of artists, magazines, books and brands.
My clients have included the BBC, Universal Music Group, Repertoire Records, Absolute and Sony.
I have worked on projects involving such luminaries as Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Wham!, Simon Cowell, as well as with independent local businesses and individuals. My experience is grounded in years of art direction and collaborative design.
With a particular interest in both contemporary and retro lifestyle, I translate these reference points into successful projects within the fields of publishing, brand creation, advertising media, events/exhibitions and fashion.
I welcome clients from other sectors where my expertise can lead to fruitful and effective work.
Art for sale – please visit: www.rowdy.space
Thank you!
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